European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Congress


On behalf of the European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN), we would like to welcome you to the ESPEN Congress 2022, which will be held for the 4th time in Vienna. After two years of virtual events, we hopefully have a chance to meet in person again. The global pandemic affected not just our health, but also the way we live, work, and preform education. We live in the times of a “brave new world”. This Congress is the result of the collaboration of three countries: Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

All three neighbouring countries are small in size, but great in shared history, architecture, art, music, landscape beauty, delicious national specialties, and – most importantly – people. We believe that this common abundance of history, culture and science is a guarantee that the ESPEN Congress 2022 will be an outstanding congress in an unforgettable setting. With this international collaboration, we have developed a program that will continue with the past traditions of innovation and improvement of nutritional care and education of all professions involved in the field of nutrition and metabolism. We encourage all of you to actively participate and exchange your valuable experience – curiosity isn’t just a way of understanding the world, it is a way of changing it.

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