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              Date of the course:  10/12/2020

Director of the course*: Dr. Dimitrios Karayiannis

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Moderator: Dimitrios Karayiannis
Time  LLL Modules Speakers  
17:00–17:30 Module 4.1 Role of Diet in Prevention and Treatment of Hyperlipidaemia in Children Dr. Dimitrios Karayiannis  
17:30–18:00 Module 4.2 Food Allergy: Prevention and Treatment – Cow’s Milk Allergy Dr. Christina Katsagoni  
18:00–18:30 Module 4.3 Nutrition Treatment in Children with Intestinal Failure
with a Special Emphasis on Short Bowel Syndrome
18:30–19:00 Module 4.4 Principles of Feeding the Preterm Infant Anastasiadou Anastasia  
19:00-19:30 Module 4.5 Nutritional Evaluation of the Hospitalized Children Assit. Prof. Michael Chourdakis  
19:30–20:30 Case and Test